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Josh Glancy


Please America, don’t get into soccer

Embracing the beautiful game would be the beginning of the end of American greatness

By Josh Glancy


Heart and Seoul

South Korea is rising while still maintaining the cultural hallmarks of its poorer days

By Josh Glancy


The island that time forgot

A remote Chesapeake outpost is turning to soup

By Josh Glancy


I’m leaving America with a lack of faith in its media

I’m leaving the big show, canceling my print subscriptions, packing up my DC apartment and chucking away all those unread back issues of the Atlantic

By Josh Glancy


Let’s eat: Israeli cuisine is coming of age

Hummus is the cement of the Levant and claimed, like the land, by both Israelis and Palestinians

By Josh Glancy


How the British royal family became a very American obsession

The nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle show the depth of American royalism.

By Josh Glancy

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