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Ann Coulter: twenty-five years on from the Clinton impeachment

Bill Clinton left a stain on history that may never come out

Happy twenty-fifth anniversary of the greatest headline in world history! DRUDGE REPORT NEWSWEEK KILLS STORY ON WHITE HOUSE INTERN BLOCKBUSTER REPORT: 23-YEAR OLD, FORMER WHITE HOUSE INTERN, SEX RELATIONSHIP WITH PRESIDENT Thus began the nation's one-year slog through President Bill Clinton’s lies and calumnies, ending in his disgrace and impeachment. Now, that was an impeachment. You missed a…

Who will rescue Turkey after the earthquake?

‘People in my hometown are digging neighbors out from the rubble with their own hands’ 

Children aren’t the enemy of the writer

Having kids has never interfered with my literary aspirations

Going native: is ancestral eating the answer to our dietary woes?

No processed foods, no seed oils, no refined sugars, no problem?

Kamala Harris’s top ten word salads

‘So, Ukraine is a country in Europe…’

AP stealth edits its Chinese spy balloon report

The article originated the claim that two balloons entered US airspace under Trump

The balloon is a Chinese middle finger to the US

Xi is mocking President Biden’s efforts to smooth relations


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Editor Picks

How to see Switzerland by train

The Swiss love their clocks, their cheese and their chocolate. They also adore their railway

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Tocqueville’s warning about the Democrats

The emotional glue of the Democratic coalition is resentment of the Republican coalition

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A salt for all seasons

We need the white stuff to live — and eat well

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Editor Picks


The resurgence of Dungeons & Dragons

If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out

You are stranded in the middle of an unforgiving desert, and must take refuge from a sandstorm before your Hit Points deplete any further. You find a rock outcropping — after a successful Perception check, a false wall reveals a sprawling cavern. Inside is a long-lost tomb. There are markings: could this be the dreaded…

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