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The marvels of French hospital cuisine

All was well and all would be well. Aren’t drugs wonderful?  

I woke up in the wake-up room (salle de réveil). The clock on the wall said half past ten. I’d been out for a couple of hours. What lifted me to the surface was the sound of the wake-up team persuading someone to wake up who was absolutely refusing to do so. The entreaties increased…


Ali Slagle’s low-stress supper

Her humble, relaxed approach is a breath of fresh air through your musty pantry

A salt for all seasons

We need the white stuff to live — and eat well

How my ninety-one-year-old father-in-law learned to love Africa

We’ve built him a wooden bothy in the garden where he has satellite TV for the sports channels

Planning world domination, fueled by Burgundy

One more bottle and we would have gotten ourselves into a land war in Asia — and you know where that leads

The IRS is coming for your fantasy football winnings

Unless House Republicans can stop them

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