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James Kirchick


A declaration of Cold War

Seventy-six years after Churchill’s warning, Garry Kasparov castigates a complacent West

By James Kirchick


Have we finally reached Peak Pride?

Gay pride has been very much on my mind lately

By James Kirchick


A hazy afternoon with Bill Maher

‘The young people are the prudes and don’t find anything funny’

By James Kirchick


California dreaming

If fame determines status in Los Angeles, power is the social currency in Washington

By James Kirchick


Why Glenn Greenwald backs Putin

Few things are sure in life: death, taxes and Glenn Greenwald advocating whatever position happens to be in the interests of Vladimir Putin

By James Kirchick


The other Camus

The gay past of the alt-right’s French guru

By James Kirchick


Black tie in NYC

Arriving at the American Museum of Natural History, I present my vaccination card and negative Covid test result

By James Kirchick


Jake Auchincloss and incendiary rhetoric

We can’t burn their book, but they can burn our flag?

By James Kirchick


Was Gary Hart the best president we never had?

The Front Runner reviewed

By James Kirchick

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