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Nate Hochman

Campaign 2022

Oregon’s nasty woman

Tina Kotek’s ruthless leftism isn’t what the state needs

By Nate Hochman


Virtue and order must come before freedom

Not the other way around

By Nate Hochman


Lawnmowers: the real pandemic

Statistically they’re more dangerous to children than Covid. We must close schools and lock down all of society

By Nate Hochman


Let’s stay together

Why has a national divorce become a popular idea in the Party of Lincoln?

By Nate Hochman


Why I (sort of) stopped using the word ‘woke’

Boomers and cable news hosts have drained it of all meaning

By Nate Hochman


Loudoun County’s vicious mediocrities

The woke school board covers up a sexual assault to stay in power

By Nate Hochman


Uncle Tom shows another side of the African American story

Black America is hardly a monolith

By Nate Hochman

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