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A psychological thriller in rural France

The Birthday Party by Laurent Mauvignier reviewed

Imagine a Stephen King thriller hijacked by Proust. Clammy-handed suspense, nerve-shredding tension, but related in serpentine, elegant prose, each climax held suspended — deferred gratification. What Javier Marías did for the spy story, Laurent Mauvignier does for terror. It begins quietly, with an ominous sense of something waiting to happen. An isolated hamlet in deep…


Miserable medieval women

The Wife of Bath: A Biography and The Once and Future Sex reviewed

The death of the movie star

Hollywood used to run on talent. Today, intellectual property is king

More victims of Russell Hantz’s fantasy football scheme emerge

‘Russell Hantz! Please tell me you’re not going to steal everyone’s money!’

Bret Easton Ellis’s comeback is a bloody masterpiece

The Shards by Bret Easton Ellis reviewed

Azealia Banks loves Ron DeSantis

The eccentric ‘212’ singer is loving life after joining the Florida exodus

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