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Rosa Prince


The strange rise of calling kids ‘mama’

No one’s giving away ‘dada’ any time soon – so why are we relinquishing our precious ‘mama’ so carelessly?

By Rosa Prince

Science & Tech

Is McDonald’s the Apple of the fast food world?

The chain have opened a sleek glass restaurant in their home city of Chicago

By Rosa Prince

Roseanne Barr: the trans lobby’s latest target

Roseanne Barr has never been shy or retiring. She made her name as a brash big-mouth whose targets were lazy kids, lazy husbands and the general frustrations of life as a working-class woman in small town America. With the reboot of her eponymous ABC show, Roseanne, after 20 years, Barr won herself some ratings-helpful controversy and the dismay of liberal TV […]

By Rosa Prince


Why won’t America join the war on plastic bags? 

Bangladesh was the first to ban them back in 2002. Other countries, from Rwanda to Macedonia, have followed and in many places they are being taxed out of existence. Yet the United States’ reaction to the global drive to tackle the scourge of disposable plastic bags is, largely, a collective “meh”. What is it with America and its love affair with the plastic […]

By Rosa Prince


Cynthia Nixon and the growing celebritisation of US politics

She was the angry one from Sex in the City, and now Cynthia Nixon is venting her spleen on behalf of the voters of New York. Last month, Nixon launched her pitch to challenge incumbent Andrew Cuomo as the Democratic candidate for the governorship of New York, invoking the wrath of many New Yorkers over […]

By Rosa Prince

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