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Roger Alton

Roger Alton is a former editor of the Observer and the Independent. He writes the Spectator Sport column.


The other winner of Emma Raducanu’s stunning victory

Right now, what she needs is someone to help keep her normal

By Roger Alton


Thoughts on a foreign clash of the English titans

Tuchel knows how to set up a team for a one-off match; Guardiola knows how to win long term

By Roger Alton

Soccer is better without the crowds

Even Jose Mourinho is behaving well

By Roger Alton

Is it time to consign VAR to Room 101?

The offside rule was introduced to stop goal-hanging, not to measure the amount some nostril hair was the wrong side of the line

By Roger Alton


How will The Athletic’s expansion change British sports journalism?

Sports journalism in Britain is being attacked by an American predator

By Roger Alton

The fans make British soccer what it is – stop fleecing them

The English game would not have the same money-spinning appeal without them

By Roger Alton

Teamwork? It’s not the American way, even in the Ryder Cup

Why are the Americans so damn cocky, despite a poor away record?

By Roger Alton

A friendly purr from a fallible Tiger Woods

Everybody knows Tiger and now they love the old philanderer even more. Who said there were no second chances?

By Roger Alton

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