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Michael Moorcock

Science & Tech

Here in Texas, Hell has frozen over

Before the freeze set in, people here had no experience of real cold

By Michael Moorcock


We’re spending lockdown defending a family of mice

You can tell you’ve been locked down in Texas for too long

By Michael Moorcock

Book Review

Texas: the myriad contradictions of the Lone Star state

The subtitle of Lawrence Wright’s splendid God Save Texas (‘A Journey into the Future of America’) would be alarming if I found it entirely convincing. It’s hard to imagine a future where the Catholic Texan spirit of individualism would seriously overwhelm Yankee Puritanism, however mutated. In New England it’s about hard-earned old money shrewdly invested. […]

By Michael Moorcock


Michael Moorcock: Why banning opioids has been a disaster for me

Also: We’re seeing the emergence of officious little Trumps who feel free to express their petty prejudices

By Michael Moorcock

Beware the rise of the officious little Trumps

Returning to the United States a short while ago I received a stern talking to from an immigration officer. Why had I been in Paris longer than usual? I’ve lived in the US for nearly 25 years. I originally moved to be closer to my son, who was being educated nearby, and to my American […]

By Michael Moorcock

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