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Craig Bruce Smith

Craig Bruce Smith is a historian and the author of American Honor: The Creation of the Nation's Ideals during the Revolutionary Era. His website is and he can be followed on Twitter @craigbrucesmith. All views are those of the author and do not represent those of the Federal Government, the US Army or Department of Defense.

Bernard Bailyn’s unfinished revolution

It’s time to revive ‘the Bailyn School’ for future generations

By Craig Bruce Smith


Revolution then: The Patriot stands alone

Gibson achieves peace of mind by dismembering a redcoat with a hatchet

By Craig Bruce Smith

Washington go Brách

America’s first president used St Patrick’s Day as a means to signal and celebrate the birth of a spirit of liberty that would engulf the world

By Craig Bruce Smith


Washington returns history to the History Channel

The foundingest father of them all

By Craig Bruce Smith

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