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Alessandra Bocchi


The mystery of chronic Lyme disease

Why have alternative treatments been ignored?

By Alessandra Bocchi

Science & Tech

‘Harder than heroin’: America’s silent benzo epidemic

Addictions to drugs like Xanax are on the rise, yet the media has taken almost no notice

By Alessandra Bocchi


Marion Maréchal and La France profonde

Marine Le Pen’s niece has plans for a new ‘Latin Alliance’ to protect European liberty

By Alessandra Bocchi


How Italy’s family unity is its biggest weakness against coronavirus

An asymptomatic child could very easily pass the disease to a vulnerable grandparent

By Alessandra Bocchi

Riding means more than just control of the horse

We have forgotten not just the use of horses, but also their value to our wellbeing

By Alessandra Bocchi


I saw the violent Hong Kong protests

Tear gas, Molotov cocktails and gunfire

By Alessandra Bocchi


Why don’t Republicans care about the environment?

Conservation is a conservative value

By Alessandra Bocchi

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