Now hiring: managing editor

JOB DESCRIPTION: Managing Editor

Duties Include: Evaluate and commission US writers for both the monthly print edition and
online publication. Perform copy editing and fact-checking for commissioned stories prior to
publication and coordinate with reporters and authors to revise stories and articles. Write
headlines for articles. Direct and develop story and content ideas. Write both factual stories and
opinion pieces concerning United States politics.

Job Requirements: BA Degree in English or related field or foreign equivalent and 24
months experience as editor for international political publication required. Experience
with international journalistic standards required.

Fully remote position but must reside in Washington D.C. or N.Y.C. metropolitan areas.
TO APPLY: Send résumé and cover letter to Attn: Shez Shafiq, 5315 B FM 1960 W, Box 102,
Houston, Texas 77069

EMPLOYERS NAME: The Spectator (1828) Inc.