Now hiring: Growth Marketing Manager

The Spectator World is the US edition of the world’s oldest magazine. It is owned by The Spectator UK which was established in 1828. Our writers have no party line; their only allegiance is to clarity of thought, elegance of expression and independence of opinion.

We produce a monthly print magazine, a website, app, newsletters and podcasts. As a subscriptions business, most of our acquisitions comes from our paywalled website. Building an audience that regularly visits the website and has a high engagement level is crucial to the business. The Spectator World’s growing suite of newsletters also plays a strong role in audience development.

We are looking for an experienced Growth Marketing Manager to help grow traffic and continuously improve audience engagement — all with the purpose of growing our subs base. You will be responsible for executing and managing a comprehensive audience growth strategy. The main goal of this role is to grow the number of paying subscribers to The Spectator World. You will do that by attracting more and more traffic to the top of our funnel, then enticing them down the funnel so that an increasing percentage end up becoming subscribers. It will be your job to devise and supervise the various ways of doing this — and to make sure we retain our subscribers. 

The ideal candidate has five years’ experience in traffic growth for the publishing or media industry, with a strong track-record in growing subscriptions. A strong understanding of data analytics is a must. This is a standalone role with some support from our marketing manager. The candidate must be willing to work with a self-starting, self-policing hands-on attitude. Our culture is much more interested in results than monitoring input. 


-Responsible for managing and executing our audience development strategy

-Continuously grow traffic via social media (organic and paid); search (organic and paid); newsletters, and referral partners

-Manage the paid social and search budgets to maximize return on investment

-Identify and monitor key traffic acquisition and engagement KPI’s and metrics

-Implement best SEO practices and techniques by working with the Editorial and -Digital teams

-Make recommendations on content and writers to improve pageviews for each article

-Monitor the traffic/subscription conversion rate to ensure audience growth is generating a return

-Manage newsletter growth tactics through promotion and optimization

-Help Digital team identify opportunities to improve website engagement through best onward journey unit strategies

-Identify new market trends in the media and publishing industries

-Stay up to date with latest technologies and best practices

-Make recommendations on other opportunities to grow traffic and increase engagement

-Prepare weekly reports summarizing and assessing traffic, engagement and causes of any fluctuations

-Update subs growth on a regular basis, detailing what works, what doesn’t and making proposals to improve traffic and subs acquisition


-5 years’ experience working in the traffic growth industry, preferably in publishing or media

-A high-level understanding of audience development strategies and tactics

-Excellent leadership, interpersonal and relationship management skills

-Strong experience with GA and other digital analytical software such as Parsel.y, Chartbeat, etc.

-Must have experience and a deep understanding of data analytics, using and identifying key metrics/KPIs and reporting results with numbers and charts

-Highly organized with an ability to deliver projects on time

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-FT Salary based on experience. Will confirm before first interview takes place.

-Plus bonus for hitting targets




To apply for this exciting role, please email your résumé along with a cover letter to

Closing date: Friday June 30, 2023