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Teresa Mull

Teresa Mull is an assistant editor at The Spectator World.


Maren Morris should transition to pop where she belongs

There’s no room for cancel culture in country music

By Teresa Mull

Science & Tech

Feeling grateful for coal in West Virginia

Joe Manchin is more like one of those Starbucks-waving ‘green’ protesters in Vancouver

By Teresa Mull


Forget trains: American car culture is worth defending

We have a lot of space and a lot of horsepower, and we will not apologize

By Teresa Mull


Even the Queen’s clothes evoked her sense of duty

She was a servant, not a celebrity

By Teresa Mull


Setting the record straight on the Latin Mass

Pope Francis is cracking down on a liturgy that converted Shia LaBeouf, of all people

By Teresa Mull


Barbecue is America’s food

Firing up the grill one last time this Labor Day

By Teresa Mull


In praise of liquor stores

Where else can one encounter such diversity?

By Teresa Mull


Does ‘BDE’ mean masculinity isn’t ‘toxic’ anymore?

The war on the sexes is coming full-circle, and it’s no surprise

By Teresa Mull


DeSantis has started his presidential campaign tour

‘The State of Florida is where woke goes to die,’ he told a Pennsylvania crowd

By Teresa Mull


Are genital checks inevitable?

Cisgender people deserve respect and inclusivity too

By Teresa Mull

Science & Tech

America is forgetting how to make stuff

These skills are a matter of national security and social stability

By Teresa Mull


Democrats pick a bad time to punish the energy industry

Expect the methane fee to increase power bills

By Teresa Mull


The school choice moment is now

Republicans must make education a top issue in the midterms

By Teresa Mull

And Finally

What is junk, exactly?

And is collecting it on private property a civil right?

By Teresa Mull


Inflation destroys the small town soul of America

It affects main street far more than big corporations

By Teresa Mull

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