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Teresa Mull

Teresa Mull is an assistant editor at The Spectator World.


‘Let’s go Brandon’ is a rallying cry for freedom

This is how people communicate when authorities become repressive and speech is covered up

By Teresa Mull


Why millennials love Halloween way too much

There’s a reason we need that escapism

By Teresa Mull


Modern cars reek of liberalism

They’re dehumanizing, boring and treat you like the nanny state

By Teresa Mull


Leftist tree-huggers and backwoods conservatives unite!

If we can agree on one thing, it should be that nature is worth preserving

By Teresa Mull


Diners: the least woke places in America

Get ready for decadent food, free speech and plenty of griping about Nancy Pelosi

By Teresa Mull


David Frum is wrong: guns save lives and sustain communities

From self defense to funding fire departments, they’re woven into the culture of red America

By Teresa Mull

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