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Kara Kennedy

Kara Kennedy is a staff writer for The Spectator World. She comes from Wales and resides in London.


Inside Meghan Markle’s royal flop

The Duke and Duchess are being frozen out of Hollywood, one red-carpet event at a time

By Kara Kennedy


No one wants to be Meghan and Harry’s neighbors

A quiet California community is incensed over the Sussexes moving in

By Kara Kennedy


We haven’t heard the last of Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard

Depp wasn’t the victim the world wanted him to be

By Kara Kennedy


Is Britney really ready for a comeback?

Her mostly naked Instagram posts are a troubling sign

By Kara Kennedy


Is Britney Spears OK?

Her behavior, excused by her fans as ‘reclaiming her autonomy,’ isn’t normal

By Kara Kennedy

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